Peace Corps Prep Application

The spring application has closed.



Application Process:

  1. Complete the online application form (click apply here above).
  2. Book a meeting with PC Prep Coordinator to complete your program plan.
  3. Receive your Peace Corps swag and begin your Peace Corps journey!


As soon as possible! The PC Prep Program requirements are completed at your own speed as you take classes and gain experience. The sooner you get involved in the program, the easier it is to fulfill all our program requirements and the more opportunities you'll have to meet Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Our program requirements can typically be integrated into your existing academic plan of study and extracurricular activities, as a result there is very little additional work involved in participating. Over the course of an academic year the only extra time required is:

  • An annual check-in meeting with the PC Prep Coordinator (about 1 hour).
  • Updating your reporting document at the end of each semester (15 minutes or less).
  • Attending PC Prep Events (2-3 hours per semester). 

However, if you want to get the most out of the program you can participate in optional activities such as:

  • Community service projects,
  • Participating in the Peace Corps Club,
  • Working for the PC Prep Program.


Peace Corps Volunteers work in a wide variety of areas during service depending on the needs of the country, community, and skill set of the volunteers. Such work is categorized into six sectors: Education, Health, Agriculture, Environment, Community Economic Development, and Youth in Development. More info about each sector can be found on Peace Corps' website.

When you apply to the PC Prep Program, you pick one of these sectors. The sector you select will determine the recommended courses for the program and type of work experience you need to complete. More info on each sector's requirements can found in our Student Guide.

The sector you select for the PC Prep Program does not limit the positions you can apply for with Peace Corps. For example, if you select the Education sector for PC Prep, you could still apply to an Environment position with Peace Corps. Therefore, we recommend picking a sector which aligns with your Major or Minor. 

Students who successfully complete the Peace Corps Prep Program receive a competitive advantage when applying to Peace Corps. 

The PC Prep Program will also help you curate your undergraduate studies to include courses and experiences which will foster a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and international perspectives, better preparing you for international careers and working with a variety of communities. 

The PC Prep Program provides numerous opportunities to meet Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from around the world so you can better understand what service is like in different countries and in different sectors.

Our program events always feature food and drinks and are an excellent chance to network with fellow students, graduate students, UArizona faculty, staff, and community members!

No! There are no fees or costs associated with participating in the Peace Corps Prep Program.