Peace Corps in the News

October 14, 2020

Peace Corps Announces Return of Volunteers to Eastern Caribbean in January 2021.

Peace Corps Director Jody Olsen announced volunteers will begin returning to service in January 2021. Public health conditions permit the return of volunteers to the Eastern Caribbean. Decisions on the resumption of operations in several other countries are expected this fall.

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APRIL 21, 2020

Peace Corps Prep Program Leads to Service for Four UArizona Seniors

Eliana Carrera, Megan Irby, Gracie Krigbaum and Joyce Wang felt prepared to apply to the Peace Corps after participating in the Peace Corps Prep certificate program.

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March 15, 2020

Peace Corps Announces Suspension of Volunteer Activities, Evacuations due to COVID-19

U.S. Peace Corps Director Jody Olsen addresses Peace Corps Volunteers in an open letter, as the agency announced it would temporarily suspend Volunteer operations and begin evacuating Volunteers from all posts.

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February 26, 2020

UArizona Named Peace Corps 2020 Top Volunteer-Producing School

The University of Arizona has been a top volunteer-producing school for the last three years and has ranked in the top 20 among large schools a total of six times.

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